Sleeved Blocks Ready for Assembly

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ERL offers different sleeving options for GM Gen 4 LS blocks as well as Gen 5 LT engine blocks. In our sleeving systems we replace the stock cast iron sleeves with high strength ductile iron sleeves. These sleeves are made of ductile iron that is 3 times stronger than cast iron. This design ensures good sleeve stability as well as water jacket seal. These sleeves are machined and installed at ERL using high precision CNC machines. The sleeves are installed in the block with a press fit to ensure proper location. To ensure the proper press fit the block is machined to ±.0005”. The block is stress relieved before and after installing the sleeves. This is a very important process to ensure block distortion does not create bore distortion. The sleeves are then decked to ensure head gasket seal. The final step is one of the most critical of the entire process. Each piston is measure with a pair of snap Micrometers to within .00005”. Then each cylinder is honed to within .0002” to fit each piston to ensure piston to wall clearance is exactly as specified for each cylinder.

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