ERL 4B11 Sleeved Blocks


ERL Performance along with AMS is proud to announce the release of our new engine program for the EVO X. At the core of this program is our new ductile iron sleeved 4B11 Shortblock. In conjunction with AMSwe are now able to provide a much stronger building block for those looking to run some serious power through the 4B11. The Ductile Iron sleeves are proven in race engines to hold over 40 psi of boost. The 4B11 stock deck supports are machined to constrain the top of the sleeve to prevent head gasket failure from sleeve movement. ERL machines a recess into the stock deck supports that precisely matches the ductile iron sleeves. The machining tolerance held in this operation is ±.002” to achieve a precise press fit. The ERL/AMS 4B11 offers the cooling capacity of a stock engine (open deck block) with the strength of a racing engine (closed deck block).

Sleeved Block Processs:
  • Remove original cast iron sleeves and wash block
  • Machine block deck and bore block to receive new Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill interior surface of block to receive sleeves
  • Press in Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill top of new sleeves to proper deck height
  • Align bore main bearing journals in proper relationship to dowel holes
  • Align hone main bearing journals to proper bore size for main bearings
  • Hone Cylinders to proper size and crosshatch
  • Plateau hone cylinders for a proper finish and to achieve good oil control
Price: $1650
Available Options:
1/2" Head Studs
Main Studs
Oil Squirters

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