Mitsubishi 4B11

Short Block Packages
Package Description Block Type Bore Stroke Liters CR Pistons Rods Crank Price
BB1 Turbo Street/Strip Sleeved 88 86 2.1 9.0:1 Wiseco Manley Mitsu $3,700.00
BB2 Turbo Race Sleeved 87 86 2.0 9.0:1 CP ManleyPro Mitsu $4,000.00
BB3 Street Stroker Sleeved 90 97 2.5 9.5:1 Wiseco K1 ERL $4,000.00
BB4 Race Stroker Sleeved 88 97 2.4 9.5:1 Wiseco K1 ERL $4,500.00
BB1N Turbo Street Stock Sleeve 86.5 86 2.0 9.0:1 Wiseco Manley Mitsu $2,700.00
BB2N Turbo Street Stock Sleeve 86.5 86 2.0 9.0:1 CP ManleyPro Mitsu $3,000.00
BB3N Street Stroker Stock Sleeve 86.5 97 2.3 9.5:1 Wiseco K1 ERL $3,400.00
The ERL 4B11 Short Blocks are the foundation for reliable, precision built racing engines. They feature high quality components for every budget and every application.   ERL offers packages for 1200 HP drag cars all the way down to 300 HP street cars.  Each  short block is hand assembled, inspected, and blueprinted. Every short block is shipped with a blueprint sheet with main and rod bearing clearance, piston skirt clearance, ring end gap, main and rod bolt torque, and crankshaft end play.
Short Block Features
  • Fully Blueprinted Short Block
  • Forged 2618 Pistons from CP or Wiseco
  • Billet K1 H Beam Rods, or Forged Manley I Beam Rods
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • Mitsubishi Crankshaft or ERL Stroker Crankshaft
  • CNC Machined Ductile Iron Sleeves and Aluminum 6061 Deck Support
  • ARP Main Studs
ARP 1/2 Head Studs
Custom Compression Ratios
4B11 Block Core
4B11 Crankshaft Core


Individually Assembled and Inspected Through Out the Process, NOT A Production Line
Final Cleaning of All Passageways and All Components
Torque and Bore Gage Rods for Spec. and Bearing Clearance
Torque and Bore Gage Main Journals for Spec. and Bearing Clearance
Check Pin Fit on Piston and Rod Small End
FILE- FIT Each Piston Ring to Each Cylinder for Proper Gap for Application
Measure All Main and Rod Journals on Crank for Spec.
Measure All Main and Rod Bearings for Thickness
Match Bearings to Journal for Optimum Clearance and Oil Control (NOT PLASTIGAGE Where False Readings Can Occur)
Assemble Short Block Using Dedicated Ring Compressors, Mitutoyo Inspection Tools and Calibrated Torque Wrenches
All Bearings Coated with Assembly Lube to Avoid Dry Start Up
Fully Blueprinted Short Block
Seal in Bag and Coat with WD-40 for Shipment

NOTE: Good Core Required for above price, Core available for purchase
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