ERL H22A/A4 Sleeved Blocks


The SUPERDECK I system is ERL’s feature product.  The SUPERDECK I system replaces the stock cast iron sleeves, with Ductile Iron sleeves and strengthens the block with a fully machined billet aluminum deck support.  The Ductile Iron sleeves are proven in race engines to hold over 40 psi of boost.  The SUPERDECK I deck support constrains the  top of the sleeve in an open deck block to prevent head gasket failure from sleeve movement.  ERL machines a recess into the deck and around the sleeves that precisely matches the deck support.  The machining tolerance held in this operation is ±.002” to achieve a precise press fit.  The deck support is machined from aluminum because aluminum conducts heat 7 times better than ductile iron. The SUPERDECK I offers the cooling capacity of a stock engine (open deck block) with the strength of a racing engine (closed deck block).

Sleeved Block Processs:
  • Remove original cast iron sleeves and wash block.
  • Machine block deck and bore block to receive new Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Press in Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill interior surface of block to receive ERL SUPERDECK I and mill top of new sleeves to proper deck height
  • Align bore main bearing journals in proper relationship to Honda dowel holes.
  • Align hone main bearing journals to proper bore size for main bearings
  • Hone Cylinders to proper size and crosshatch
  • Plateau hone cylinders for a proper finish and to achieve good oil control


Price: $1650
Available Options:
ARP 1/2" Head Studs
H22/A4 Block Core

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