GM LS Superdeck I Long Blocks

LONG Block Packages:
M5L All Pro
LSW Retro
410 CFM Int.
262 CFM Exh.
Customer Spec Turbo Race Superdeck I/6 Bolt 4.125 4.000 427 9.5:1 Wiseco Callies Callies 900-1100 700-900 $18900
N1L All Pro
LSW Retro
410 CFM Int.
262 CFM Exh.
Customer Spec Turbo Race Superdeck I/6 Bolt 4.155 4.000 434 9.7:1 Wiseco Callies Callies 950-1150 750-950 $18900
This package combines our proven short block packages with industry leading All Pro Cylinder heads to make package ideal for 1000 HP. It features a rotating assembly and valvetrain components that are ideal for boosted applications. The stout All Pro heads are fitted with stainless intake and stainless exhaust valves that can handle the heat of today’s turbochargers and work with premium valve springs and titanium retainers for maximum endurance. Upgraded CHE rockers work in conjunction with Morel or Lunatic hydraulic lifters that provides trouble free service. Hardened pushrods featuring a heavy wall and 3/8 diameter design provide the needed stability for the pressures that are present in boosted applications. MLS head gaskets and ARP studs are used to provide maximum reliability on street strip applications. Cloyes adjustable timing gears with the Z chain upgrade is used with a custom ground 3 bolt camshaft. Please specify if you need a single or four sensor hub on the cam gear to match your application.
*Note that factoryLS7 style intake and LS7 headers will work with ALL Pro retro heads*
*Note that factory valve covers will work with factory rocker arms*
Long Block Features:
  • ERL Superdeck 1 6 Bolt Block
  • All Pro LS7 Retro Heads
  • 1/2 Filled Block Water Jackets
  • Custom Comp Camshaft
  • Custom Trend Pushrods
  • Steel Intake Valves
  • Steel Exhaust Valves
  • Manley Valve Springs
  • Steel Retainers
  • CHE Rocker Arms
  • Morel Hydraulic Lifters
  • ERL Hydraulic Lifter Bushings
  • Cloyes Timing Chain
  • ARP 1/2" Head Studs
  • Low Friction F1 style Rear Main Seal
  • Fel-Pro Head Gasket
  • Fully Blueprinted Short Block
  • Custom Wiseco Pistons ERL Spec
  • Callies Ultra I Beam Rods
  • Clevite Race Bearings
  • Callies Dragonslayer Crankshaft
  • ARP Main Studs


Available Options:
ERL Main Girdle
Block Machining For Dry Sump
Forced Thrust Bearing Oiling
Timing Cover Kit
All Pro Valve Cover Kit
Rear Cover Kit
ERL Baffled Valley Cover Kit
Oil Pan Kit
LS Block Core
Smith Bros Pushrod Upgrade
Assembly Process
Individually Assembled and Inspected Through Out the Process, NOT A Production Line.
Final Cleaning of All Passageways and All Components.
Torque and Bore Gage Rods for Spec. and Bearing Clearance.
Torque and Bore Gage Main Journals for Spec. and Bearing Clearance.
Check Pin Fit on Piston and Rod Small End.
FILE-FIT Each Piston Ring to Each Cylinder for Proper Gap for Application.
Measure All Main and Rod Journals on Crank for Spec.
Measure All Main and Rod Bearings for Thickness.
Match Bearings to Journal for Optimum Clearance and Oil Control (NOT PLASTIGAGE Where False Readings Can Occur).
Assemble Short Block Using Dedicated Ring Compressors, Mitutoyo Inspection Tools and Calibrated Torque Wrenches.
All Bearings Coated with Assembly Lube to Avoid Dry Start Up Fully Blueprinted Short Block.
Seal in Bag and Coat with WD-40 for Shipment.

NOTE: Good Core Required for above price, Core available for purchase.

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