GM LS Dry Sleeve Short Blocks

Short Block Packages:
Package Description Block Block Type Bore Stroke CI CR Pistons Rods Crank Price
M1 Turbo Street/Strip LS2/LS3/LS7/LS5.3 Dry Sleeve 4.125 4.000 427 9.7:1 Wiseco Compstar Compstar $5850
M2 NA Street/Strip LS2/LS3/LS7/LS5.3 Dry Sleeve 4.125 4.000 427 11.5:1 Wiseco Compstar Compstar $5850
M6 Turbo Street/Strip LS2/LS3/LS7/LS5.3 Dry Sleeve 4.125 4.125 441 10.0:1 Wiseco Compstar Compstar $6100
M7 NA Street/Strip LS2/LS3/LS7/LS5.3 Dry Sleeve 4.185 4.125 454 11.5:1 Wiseco Compstar Compstar $6100
The ERL LS Dry Sleeve Short Block provides up to 454 Cubic Inches for $5850. The dry sleeve system replaces the stock cast iron sleeves with high strength ductile iron sleeves. These sleeves are made of ductile iron that is 3 times stronger than cast iron. The ERL sleeves are significantly longer and thicker than stock sleeves, this allows for up to a 4.125” stroke and a 4.185” bore.

Each short block is blueprinted and built to the same exacting standards as our 2000HP race engines.  Every short block comes with high quality components such as Wiseco pistons with GFX rings, Compstar rods, and Compstar crank. This is an economical package well suited to Applications between 600HP and 800HP.  Packages are available for both Naturally Aspirated Applications and Boosted Applications.
SLEEVED Block Features:
  • Fully Blueprinted Short Block
  • Forged 2618 Pistons from Wiseco
  • Billet 4340 Compstar H Beam Rods
  • Compstar Forged Crankshaft
  • Hand Honed Deck Surface
  • ARP Main Studs



ERL prefers to work with 4th Gen. aluminum blocks because of their improved oil system as well as having equal length head studs. The short block packages pricing listed above does not include the block core. You may purchase a core outright or send a core in for your build. We also offer a core exchange program in which we can refund the core charges paid during or after the build. This is providing we receive the same style core and it passes our quality inspection. Certain cores are better for certain applications, be sure to check with us for the most suitable core for your build.


LS2 Block Core $1,300.00
LS3 Block Core $1,450.00
LS7 Block Core $1,500.00
LS5.3 Block Core $    850.00
LSA  $1,450.00
Available Options:
ARP 1/2" Head Studs
Custom Compression Ratios
Hydraulic Lifter Bushings
Solid Lifter Bushings
Billet Main Caps
ARP Main Studs
ERL Main Girdle
LS2 Block Core
LS3 Block Core
LS 5.3 Block Core
Assembly Process
Individually Assembled and Inspected Through Out the Process, NOT A Production Line
Final Cleaning of All Passageways and All Components
Torque and Bore Gage Rods for Spec. and Bearing Clearance
Torque and Bore Gage Main Journals for Spec. and Bearing Clearance
Check Pin Fit on Piston and Rod Small End
FILE- FIT Each Piston Ring to Each Cylinder for Proper Gap for Application
Measure All Main and Rod Journals on Crank for Spec.
Measure All Main and Rod Bearings for Thickness
Match Bearings to Journal for Optimum Clearance and Oil Control (NOT PLASTIGAGE Where False Readings Can Occur)
Assemble Short Block Using Dedicated Ring Compressors, Mitutoyo Inspection Tools and Calibrated Torque Wrenches
All Bearings Coated with Assembly Lube to Avoid Dry Start Up
Fully Blueprinted Short Block
Seal in Bag and Coat with WD-40 for Shipment

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