ERL Performance is proud to announce the first Mazda MZR L3 Sleeved Block on the market.  We have strengthened this already stout block with Ductile Iron Sleeves. In addition we have enabled the builder to go out to a 90mm bore.  The ERL MZR block is a closed deck dry sleeve block that is designed for high boost, high horsepower applications.
Sleeved Block Process:
  • Remove original cast iron sleeves and wash block
  • Machine block deck and bore block to receive new Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill interior surface of block to receive sleeves
  • Press in Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill top of new sleeves to proper deck height
  • Align bore main bearing journals in proper relationship to dowel holes
  • Align hone main bearing journals to proper bore size for main bearings
  • Hone Cylinders to proper size and crosshatch
  • Plateau hone cylinders for a proper finish and to achieve good oil control
Price: $1650
Available Options:
  • 1/2" Head Studs

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