ERL HEMI 426 & 392 Stroker Kit
Package Description Block
Bore Stroke CI CR Pistons Rods Crank Price
X1 Street/Strip 6.1L 4.060 4.080 426 9.0:1 Wiseco K1 K1 $3,250
X2 Street/Strip 6.1L 4.060 4.080 426 11.0:1 Wiseco K1 K1 $3,250
X3 Street/Strip 5.7L 3.900 4.080 392 9.0:1 Wiseco K1 K1 $3,250
X4 Street/Strip 5.7L 3.900 4.080 392 11.0:1 Wiseco K1 K1 $3,250
The ERL HEMI Stroker Kit is an economical way to obtain a large displacement HEMI 5.7L or 6.1L. The Stroker kit creates a 7.0L monster from a stock 6.1L Block and a 6.4L from the 5.7L Block. This increase in displacement gives big gains in torque and horsepower for both Naturally Aspirated and Forced Induction applications. The ERL HEMI Stroker kit comes with Wiseco pistons, K1 crankshaft fully balanced, K1 rods and ACL race bearings. This Kit uses 4.060” pistons to ensure the cylinder wall remains thick for high performance applications. We do not recommend 4.080” pistons that others use.
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