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ERL F20 2.5L Stroker Kit (Street/Strip)

ERL F20 2.5L Stroker Kit (Street/Strip)


Package Description Block Type
Bore Stroke
Y2 Street/Strip Sleeved 89 99
Liters CR Pistons Rods Crank
2.5 13.2 Wiseco K1 Honda K24

ERL EJ20 Stroker Kit is an economical way to obtain a large displacement Subaru EJ20. The Stroker kit can be purchased with stock 92.5mm pistons producing 2.1L of displacement or with oversized 96mm pistons producing 2.3L of displacement. The ERL EJ20 Stroker kit comes with custom Wiseco pistons, Forged Crankshaft, K1 Rods and ACL race bearings. Sleeved Block is necessary if using 96mm pistons. Pistons are specifically designed to ensure oil ring is COMPLETELY above piston pin access hole.

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